ĐĐ TEP Certificates

Safety for all, every day

Every day ĐĐ TEP exerts efforts to improve its business excellence with the intention to meet permanently changes and expectations of our customers, owners, partners and the society in general. The guiding idea in all our business activities is occupational health and safety (OHS) at work as well as responsibility towards the environment. Every one of our employees takes an active part within the company in the continuous improvement of the process (CIP) and bears responsibility for all facets of quality on their workplaces.

Certification of activities relating to the business operation of the company guarantees the participants that the company works on the integration of practices, ensuring quality management according to the highest principles and aspects of doing business in the contemporary world. These certificates cover all production units of the company in such a way that all employees work under certified conditions in accord with the highest principles of safety at work.

ISO 9001:2015


ISO 14001:2015


ISO 45001:2018


ISO 50001:2018


Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU Annex III, Module H/H1


AD 2000-Merkblatt HP 0 / HP 100 R EN 3834-2



The NATIONAL BOARD of Boiler & Vessel Inspectors


American Society Of Mechanical
Engineers – ASME

EN 1090




Quality control

Radiographic testing
X-ray equipment / SEIFERT (up to 225kV)
Gamma sources – Ir192

Ultrasonic testing
Ultrasonic equipment Krautkrämer USK7D
Ultrasonic equipment OLYMPUS-OMNISCAN MX
Ultrasonic equipment OLYMPUS-EPOCH 1000i
Ultrasonic equipment OLYMPUS-EPOCH 600

Magnetic particle testing
Dye penetrate testing
Liquid – red colored – Diffu Therm
Leakage testing
Bubble technique
Indirect visual examination
Computerized video system
Hardness measuring
Hardness meter KRAUTKRÄMER MIC10 DL

Positive material identification
Spectrum analyzer METOREX x-met 3000T
Spectrum analyzer OLYMPUS X-Ray DS-2000
Radio nuclides contamination measurement
Spectrum analyzer of X GAMMA radiation
Ultrasonic measuring of wall thickness
Thickness meter KRAUTKRÄMER DM 4D
Ultrasonic measuring of wall thickness
Thickness meter StressTel -PocketMIKE

Influence of business activities on the environment

With its permanent responsible approach to the environment, ĐĐ TEP develops the conscience on potential influences of its operations on the environment and the people’s health. In accordance with the Policy for quality management, environment, energy, health protection and safety at work, the system of environmental management according to ISO 14001 and energy management according to ISO 50001 has been implemented.

Through its EMS standards, the company manages and controls its activities relevant for their influence on the environment protection. ĐĐ TEP regularly carries out internal and external audits of the environment protection and harmonize them with its EMS policy. All activities relating to environmental protection are harmonized with the legislature of the Republic of Croatia and the international provisions and standards in the field of EMS. In this manner through regular EMS auditing ĐĐ, TEP gives a significant contribution to environment protection at the local and at the social level, demonstrating a company’s environmental commitment to its customers. As one of the larger societies, our obligation lies in spreading of consciousness on environment protection, so as that the entire country, and its beauty which we enjoy today could enthrall also the coming generation.

„As one of the larger companies, we are commited to promoting enviromental awareness so the country we enjoy today can keep delighting future generations” – Management, ĐĐ TEP

Awards and acknowledgements

In the last three years, we are the proud winners of „Golden Kuna“, the award of the County’s Chamber of Commerce in the category of large entrepreneurs. The Golden Kuna is a prestigious award of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce evaluating the total business image of the trading company, its influence on the development of the branch to which it belongs and its contribution to the development of Croatian economics as a whole.

Support to the community and developmental programs

Đuro Đaković TEP d.o.o. is a socially responsible society, which develops ist processes in the manner to make them completely harmonized on the global level. The society ensures employment and business opportunities for the wide range of participants and gives the indirect contribution to the wellbeing and economic development of the local communities. We communicate in a transparent way with shareholders and continually give incentives for active dialogue so as to give the adequate response to expectations. The tendency is to carry out all business operations of the society in accordance with regulations and rules in a socially responsible and harmonized manner and at the global level.