ĐĐ TEP retains and improves its relations with the existing customers looking for production and market niches in which to realize its market status, technological progress, and growth.

The products of ĐĐ TEP are recognized by their high-quality features and workmanship, but also by their price compared with similar products of the leading world manufacturers.

To be able to realize our vision:

We focus on the meeting of expectancies of our customers, which is why we succeed to achieve technological leadership in all facets of our business operations.

We manage to recognize market trends in their early stages as well as the new or potentially new product variants, technologies, and alternative systems so as to maintain and extend our technological advantages.

We search for opportunities to extend our strategic know-how through associateship or partnership with other companies, which represents an additional way for the extension of our market leadership.

We also pay special attention to safety and health of our employees, human rights and environmental protection and we treat our employees as the most valuable resource and give incentives for improvement of their personal and professional performances.