Đuro Đaković TEP d.o.o. in partnership with GP projekti d.o.o. from Ljubljana has contracted in early 2021 with the Belgian company Bertemes S.A. to design, manufacture, assemble and commission a cogeneration plant. The scope of our delivery includes a boiler with a capacity of 41 t/h of steam at 450°C and 64 bar (a) – in which wood biomass (residues from the customer’s wood processing capacity, wood residues) will be combusted in a fluidized bed (BFB), a condensing turbine with 6.8 MWe output power generator, a chemical water treatment system, a flue gas cleaning system, a control system, together with all other necessary equipment, systems and facilities to operate the power plant in accordance with the scope of the contract.


In early September of this year, we inaugurated a construction site located in Vielsalm, in the Belgian Ardennes, and scheduled the completion of the assembly for May 2022 to deliver the power plant to the buyer before the end of 2022.