Đuro Đaković TEP has contracted with the French company “Biomasse Energie de Montsinéry” to design, produce, install and commission a biomass power plant (sugarcane, wood chips) in French Guiana, South America. For the requirements of this power plant, we will design and produce in-house a boiler with a capacity of 23.6 t/h of steam, at 485°C and 65 bar (a), a water-cooled grate, an air-cooled condenser, as well as all the accompanying pipelines and conduits. The project will also include the installation of a flue gas cleaning system, a control system, as well as all other equipment, systems and facilities necessary to operate the plant within the contractual delivery limits.

Photo: ResearchGate

We will ship the fabricated equipment by sea in early November 2021, so that on-site work can begin early next year. Completion of the installation is scheduled for August 2022, with the goal of handing over the plant to the customer at the end of 2022.