Đuro Đaković TEP d.o.o. has designed, built and commissioned on behalf of the Sherif Group a new forest wood biomass cogeneration plant on a turnkey basis, BE-TO Brinje, located in Brinje – Croatia (along the Zagreb – Split highway). After BE-TO Glina and BE-TO Karlovac, it is the third cogeneration plant built by Đuro Đaković TEP over the past years for the Sherif Group.

The nameplate capacity of the power plant is 5,0 MW, and the owner will use the thermal energy (10 MW) in their facilities for pellet production and wood drying. About 60,000 tons of biomass from forest wood per year are needed to operate the BE-TO Brinje power plant.

As with the vast majority of biomass power plants built by ĐĐ TEP, combustion in the boiler is performed on ĐĐ TEP’s water-cooled vibrating grate. The vibrating grate ensures the operation of the boiler even with very wet fuel, while enabling very low maintenance costs, high availability of the boiler and low clean consumption of the power plant with all types of fuel.

The biomass boiler with steaming capacity of 26,4 t/h, 480°C and 72 bar (a) was designed and manufactured in Đuro Đaković TEP in Slavonski Brod, together with all required supplementary pressure and non-pressure equipment. As all our power plants built to date, this power plant was designed, built and commissioned in a very short period of time, including the process of obtaining a construction permit.

By combining the most advanced technical and technological solutions, the best practices in nearly a century of production and installation of such equipment, and rigorous selection of equipment, the plant now achieves high energy efficiency and availability, with emissions well below the prescribed values.