Cogeneration plants EPC

Our design solutions are the result of a decades-long tradition and experience in designing, manufacturing and maintenance of power plants for various purposes and of various parameters as well as implementing modern methods in the design of such facilities in the world. Optimization of the effectiveness of various modules as well as the effectiveness of the entire energy system of a power plant is achieved by using testing results, user experience and feedback, along with the usage of the most advanced computing systems.

Living the clean energy revolution, we have specialized in the design and manufacturing of boiler plants, energy islands and power plants based on combustion of:

  • Biomass (wood, straw, sunflower shells, corn stalks, energy willow, sorghum, miscanthus)
  • Waste (contaminated wood, RDF, SRF)
  • Sewage sludge

Depending on the client’s request the delivery scope is adjustable starting from the boiler plant to the entire power plant system (EPC) using a turnkey approach. Commissioning and maintenance is also within our professional capacity, as well as contracting of short and long-term plant maintenance (O&M).

Benefits of the ĐĐ TEP power plants

a. Low flue gas emission (NOx, particles)
b. High combustion efficiency
c. Low self energy plant consumption
d. Low operating and maintenance costs
e. Decreased erosion of the furnace walls

a. Optimal heat distribution
b. Excellent economic indicators of the boiler

a. Improved cost-effectiveness of the project

Characteristics of ĐĐ TEP power plants

Fuel energy input – boiler with vibro grate: 10 – 120 MWth
Fuel energy input – boiler with BFB: 3 – 60 MWth
Net CHP efficiency: 60-90% depending on heat consumption
Boiler efficiency: 88,5 – 95 %
Annual number of working hoursi: 8400 hours
Flue gas emission level – lower than the required level
Max fuel moisture content: up to 60 %

Scope of supply

  • Support in project development
  • Support in financing the project
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing & Procurement
  • Delivery, construction & comissioning
  • Support during all phases of power plant’s life cycle


3D boiler with vibro grate

When it comes to biomass boiler plants and incineration plants, ĐĐ TEP combustion systems are based on proven combustion technology on the vibrating grate and the fluidized bed (BFB).

Slatina, Croatia

Županja, Croatia


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