Gorenje Projekt d.o.o. (Velenje, Slovenia) and Đuro Đaković Termoenergetska postrojenja d.o.o. (Sl.Brod, Croatia) are a consortium that participates in the construction of a biomass cogeneration plant for “Količevo karton” in Domžale, near Ljubljana. The goal of the project is to carry out construction works and deliveries, assemble and commission a high pressure steam boiler with a fireplace and an integrated steam generator and steam turbine for the production of electricity and technological steam. The boiler plant comprises a high-pressure steam boiler with a nominal thermal capacity of 9.99 MWth and a fluidized bed, a high efficiency anti-pressure turbine with a generator, a water / steam circuit as well as all plants needed for the operation of a thermal power plant. With the planned steam turbine system, the system can produce at a nominal boiler capacity of 1,300 kW gross current, or up to 1,430 kW gross at nominal boiler capacity of 110%.

The vapor parameter at the steam boiler output is set to 12.7 t / h at 64 bar (a) and at a temperature of 450 ° C. The selected parameters allow built-in steam turbines to produce a current of about 990 kW net, ie a circle of 1,300 kW gross. By 2020, the design of the plant, the project management and the coordination of the Contractor, the financing of the project and the provision of appropriate insurance during the execution of works, installation of equipment, commissioning, training of the Customer’s staff, optimization of the plant, examination of the agreed parameters and transfer of the plant to the Buyer will be planned.