On Wednesday, June 5th, 2019, county prefect Igor Andrović, by cutting the ribbon opened the biomass to energy cogeneration plant in Slatina, industrial zone Trnovača. The project was created in accordance with the sustainable development policy of the Republic of Croatia and the European Union. The electrical capacity of the plant is 5 MW while the thermal capacity is 12 MW. The plant will produce at least 40 GWh of electricity per year and 96 GWh of thermal energy. The wood chips drying plant within the cogeneration is used to maximize the efficiency of cogeneration.

The plant will supply 500 households with green energy from wood biomass.

The Croatian Electricity Market Operator (HROTE) has signed a contract for the purchase of electricity produced for the following 14 years. The investor of the plant is Resalta d.o.o., while the power plant was built by Đuro Đaković TEP d.o.o., Slavonski Brod, Croatia, based on the “turnkey” principle. Đuro Đaković TEP d.o.o., signed also a long-term contract for the Operation and Management of the same power plant in Slatina.

Thirteen new jobs were created and the contracts for the supply of heat energy with the company Marinada d.o.o., Slatina, were signed. The development of the project started in 2016 and the EPC contract with Đuro Đaković TEP d.o.o., was signed a year later. After less than 2 years, the power plant started with the production of energy.

Next to the county prefect Igor Andrović and representatives of investors, the opening ceremony was also attended by the representatives of Đuro Đaković TEP d.o.o., Mr. Ivica Marić, CEO, Mr. Zdravko Stipetić, Director of EPC unit, Mr. Antun Plavotić, Director of service and installation, and numerous engineers from Slavonski Brod who participated on the project.

Đuro Đaković TEP d.o.o., is a regional leader in the field of renewable energy specialized in the construction of biomass power plants. The Slatina power plant is one of the five biomass power plants in Croatia built by Đuro Đaković TEP d.o.o. Currently, Đuro Đaković TEP d.o.o., is working on the construction of two further biomass power plants in Croatia and one power plant in Slovenia which will burn the sewage sludge.