Of the larger projects for the production of pressure parts for power plants, the plants in the South African Republic, Algeria, Turkey and Switzerland should be separated, on which the TEP products will be installed.

In Slavonian generating plants, the overheating surfaces for the Algerian state distributor of electricity SPE are completed. For the customer in Istanbul, the pressure parts of the third boiler are produced, capacity 111.4 t / h, pressure 72.0 bar (a), overheating temperature 426 ° C.

With a partner in Germany, TEP has signed a contract for the production and delivery of pressure parts for a boiler for a biomass plant in the Swiss city of Aarberg, with a capacity of 8400 hours and 70,000 tons of wood biomass per year. Subsequently, transport, installation and insulation on the construction site were agreed. For the project in South Africa, the construction of boiler pressure units has been agreed, including detailed engineering and procurement of non-pressure materials.